Quality Inspection

At JYM we take quality control very seriously. With this in mind, we carry out visual inspection on raw materials, in order to check whether there is any quality defect like bubble, point, size error, surface scratch, etc. This prevents substandard products reaching the customer.

Our diverse range of advanced test machines include: Japanese ACCRETECH precision profilometer, spectrophotometer, friction testing machine, high magnification CCD microscope, high-temperature drying oven, full-band optical performance tester, etc. These facilities can perform a full range of tests on finished glass.

Visual Inspection of Raw Materials

Visual Inspection After Cutting and Surface Scanning
After cutting and edge grinding, we carry out a visual inspection of the raw materials, in order to check whether there are any quality defects like bubbles, points, size errors, surface scratches, etc. This prevents substandard products from reaching the customer.

The Examination is Carried Out Under 50W Lamps. Any Tiny Defect will be Clearly Seen.

Visual Inspection After Polishing

Waviness Measurement of STN Glass

Accretech Precision Profilometer
The profilometer is used to test waviness of STN glass.

Surface Scanning

Data Collection and Performance Curve

Performance Testing of Finished Products

Performance Testing Lab
Our diverse range of advanced testing machines includes Japanese Accretech precision profilometers, spectrophotometers, friction testing machines, high magnification CCD microscopes, high-temperature drying ovens, full-band optical performance testers, etc. These precise quality control machines perform a full range of tests on finished glass and guarantee that only qualified products leave the facility for transport to customers.

Friction Testing Machine
The frictional machine rubs finished glasses up to 300 times. Next, the inspector observes whether the product remains intact.

The Inspector Observes Whether Abrasion Marks Remain on the Film.

High Magnification CCD Microscope
Under 300x magnifying mirror, all tiny surface defects are discovered.

High-temperature Drying Oven
A high-temperature drying oven is used to do high-temperature resistant tests for ITO glass.

Full-Band Optical Performance Tester
The full band optical performance tester tests optimal properties of ITO glasses and collects data like transmittance, reflectivity and chromatic aberration.

Accretech Profilometer
Profilometers are utilized for testing film thickness, with a precision of a nanoscale degree.

Film Thickness Measurement

Transmittance and Reflectivity Measurement

Salt Bath Test
Salt bath testing is performed under 40℃ constant state and utilizes a 5% sodium chloride solution to determine the glass’s resistance to chemical corrosion.

Paint Adhesion Testing
A professional scriber is used to test the adhesion between the protective and reflective layer.

The Protective Layer has Large Adhesive Force, Meeting Different Requirements.

Finished Product Warehouse

The Finished Products are Carefully Organized in the Warehouse for Delivery.

Export Package of Plane Mirror

Shock Absorption Measures are Adopted to Ensure that the Goods will not be Damaged During Transport.

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