JYM’s highly efficient automated plane mirror production line produces precise ultra-thin glass in thickness ranging from 0.55mm to 3.0mm. Our monthly production capacity reaches 120,000 square meters. We have heavily invested in high-quality production equipment to ensure our products perfectly satisfy a wide variety of customers’ unique requirements.

Based upon client’s specifications, we can cut large mirrors to make smaller make-up mirrors. The fully automatic cutting machine, imported from South Korea, can precisely process mirrors of various specifications and shapes. This will fulfill our customers’ personalized make-up mirror design requirements. Precision can reach up to ±0.1mm.

Our glass bending line produces magnifiers or rear-view mirrors in various curvatures. The size varies from 1.1mm to 1.8mm. Monthly production capacity reaches 20,000 square meters.

These two cutting and edging lines were imported from a well-respected vendor in Japan. They are used for the primary cutting and edging of glass materials. Allowable thickness of the glass ranges from 0.2mm to 4.0mm.
As well as cutting precision of ±0.05mm.

At JYM we take quality control very seriously. With this in mind, we carry out visual inspection on raw materials, in order to check whether there is any quality defect like bubble, point, size error, surface scratch, etc. This prevents substandard products reaching the customer.

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  • Plane Mirror Production Line
  • Makeup Mirror Cutting Workshop
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  • ITO Conductive Glass Production Line
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