In order to satisfy this incredible new demand home improvement vendors must supply the products needed to remodel the home, just like the exquisite mirror products crafted by JYM! With a rich history of two and a half decades JYM has had plenty of times to perfect design and production technologies. We began operations in 1992 as Guangdong Jimmy Glass Technology Company Limited (hereafter called “JYM”). Sitting within the Pearl River Delta in the Guangdong Province of China, we enjoy a transportation advantage over rivals in this industry. Since our very beginnings, we have evolved into a modern enterprise, with expertise in the development, production and sales of ITO conductive glass, top-grade plane mirror, top-grade make up mirror, magnifier, rear-view mirror and other related products. We offer complete customization service based solely on customer’s designs, specifications and needs. Details

  • Plane Mirror Production Line
  • Makeup Mirror Cutting Workshop
  • Glass Bending Line
  • ITO Conductive Glass Production Line